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" Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. "

This website is a collection of my travel pictures from the many places I have visited over the past years. Travelling to new and exciting places in the world and seeing them with your own eyes has always been truly enriching and inspiring for me. And that is not only true for the touristic highlights but also for the many normal places that have a unique character all over the word. Walking around with a camera helps me to see and capture the beauty and unique atmosphere of so many parts of the world.

Who am I? On the one hand I am a creative person, I am inspired by minimalistic design in every aspect of life and I love to look at pleasing aesthetic shapes, colours, haptics and of course pictures. On the other hand I am a technical person, I have a Phd in plasma physics and I love technology and innovation and in general new ideas nobody has thought of before. That is why I think photography has always inspired me as it offers exactly that bridge between creativity and technology. It allows me with the help of technology to capture that short moment in time that feels so pleasing to the eye.

Enjoy looking at the pictures and safe travels!

Contact Me

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    Dr. Martin Zethoff

    Gustav Mahlerlaan 519
    1082 MK Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    T: +31 6 3815 4436